14 Stick Rotating Musical Lotus Flower Birthday Candle Set of 2

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FUNtastic 14 stick rotating musical lotus flower Birthday candle set of 2 for sale!

Kids and adults of all ages will be mesmerized by this pretty cool magical Birthday candle!

When you light these lotus flower musical birthday candles they will bring smiles to everyone's face. Lighting the center of the candle will start the chain reaction starting with a large sparkler like a flame.

The small individual candles are then lit by the large center flame. Once the smaller candles are lit, the flower bud opens up and begins to slowly turn and play the "happy birthday" song. The flower birthday candles are made up of a center bud and 14 outer petals.

Each of the petals holds a single birthday candle. The candles can be used with food so they can be set right on top of the birthday cake. The wide petals catch the dripping wax so it doesn't get on the cake. Once you are done singing Happy Birthday simply snip the little wire running across the top with a pair of scissors to stop the music.

Colours available: Purple; yellow; pink; red; and blue and with a white and green base

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2 x Lotus Flower Birthday Candle

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